The Physics of Flip Tricks

Juil 30, 20161 Comment

Before this video, you probably thought you’d never return to the study of motion past high school physics. YouTube channel Super Deluxe makes a good

Surfing in the Rockies – Journey From...

Juil 29, 2016No Comments

Brittany Parker always dreamt of being a surfer but there was one problem – she lived in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, 6,000ft above the sea. Determined

Coast 2 Coast

Juil 29, 2016No Comments

One person on the street. 3-on-3 at a derelict playground. Under the lights in front of thousands of screaming fans — there are more ways

Nike Football Presents: The Switch ft. Cris...

Mar 08, 20161 Comment

The video asks what would happen if the likes of Ronaldo had to start all over again? Would they go on to achieve greatness once

Snowboarding in the Desert

Jan 24, 2016No Comments

A Dakar MINI storming through the dunes, a specially adjusted snowboard, one rope and two talented athletes. Kuba Przygoński, one of the top Polish rally