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The Fjords of Norway

Mai 30, 2016No Comments

The Norwegian fjords always brings something special to the table. These timelapses are all recorded in the western part of Norway, where the mighty fjords

The Strumbellas arrive with melodic folk hi...

Mai 17, 2016No Comments

Now that Mumford & Sons have ditched the violins in favor of electric guitars, there’s a void for a melodic, folk-leaning rock band. Enter the

Watch YG & His Crew Take Over Tokyo

Mai 12, 2016No Comments

YG has truly arrived this summer, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Last month he finally released his highly anticipated sophomore effort Still

Cannes Lions Innovation Film: The Mill BLAC...

Mai 04, 20161 Comment

Up until now, if you wanted to shoot a car for a commercial or movie, you needed that actual car on-set. With The Mill Blackbird